Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mexican Exorcist warns about the influence of Harry Potter

"The leading exorcist of Mexico's main archdiocese said the popular Harry Potter book and film series could allow the devil to enter children's minds, and does ''a lot of damage.''The Reverend Pedro Mendoza, a Roman Catholic priest and exorcist coordinator of the Archdiocese of Mexico City, made the comments at the end of a five-day exorcism conference in Mexico City.''If you put all these ideas in a child's head, that he can become a wizard, the child believes that, and that is opening an avenue through which the devil can get in,'' Mendoza said Friday - the eve of the release of the series' final book.He said that Harry Potter ''doesn't interest us,'' but ''unfortunately, it does a lot of damage.''

My experience with the occult came as a result of the media fascination with the occult in the 1970's between The Exorcist, The Omen, The Amityville Horror, and, believe it or not, Bewitched. Sometimes, it's not so much what is in a particular film or book that is evil, but what that book leads innocent children to. In the case of the Harry Potter series, all you have to do is read the titles of other books which are included in the display in the bookstore where they are sold. All of them have to do with the occult. Harry Potter books serve as a jumping off point for children to explore the occult. Adolescent experts like Steve Wood call this a 'portal'. He told Johnette Benkovic that when police want to investigate a crime, they request library records of teens, and often such books are involved in the teen's downfall.
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Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

I am amazed by parents' attitudes - or nonattitudes - about what their kids fill their minds with. Even computer programmers know about GIGO (Garbage in Garbage Out). One parent, who has served on the board of my public school district, said she knew it probably wasn't a great thing that her daughter was reading about the occult in the Harry Potter series. But she was so happy that her formerly non-reading child was reading that she didn't care about the topic. I remember my mom catching me with a Steven King book IT - she made me immediately get on my bicycle and return it to my friend's house. She said you invite the devil into your home when you bring books/music/art etc. with the occult into it. I'm so glad somebody out there is saying something about this!