Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where to start living 'green'

Want to save the fish? Obey Humanae Vitae! Really.
According to this National Catholic Register article on how oral contraceptives, secreted in urine through the sewerage system is decimating the male rainbow trout population and creating frightening bisexual fish. It's an urgent environmental issue, and it is being uniformly ignored by the press. Just how committed are they to the environment, and how susceptible to idealogues like Al Gore?
George Hardon of the Catholic Society of Social Scientists says.
". . . the growing knowledge of estrogen-polluted water may expose the cultural double-standards that protect birth control from the scrutiny given to other chemicals and drugs.
“It’s going to start looking funny,” Harden said. “The radical environmentalist won’t eat a corn chip if the corn contacted a pesticide. But they view it a sacred right and obligation to consume synthetic chemicals that alter a woman’s natural biological functions, even if this practice threatens innocent aquatic life downstream.”
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catholicandgop said...

Its information that nobody wants to hear. Interesting what happens when two ideologies conflict.