Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Word Made Flesh; Long Island Catholic Writer's Conference

I arrived on Long Island last night in time for a special pre-conference meeting of Catholic writers, including Rick Hinshaw, editor of The Long Island Catholic, Dr Gerry Nadal, author of the pro-life blog Coming Home, and writer and Random House editor Gary Jansen Gary Jansen who is the author of The Rosary: A Journey to the Beloved and Exercising Your Soul: Fifteen Minutes a Day to a Spiritual Life,Gary, who publishes the books of Scott Hahn, told us about what the publishing industry is looking for; authentic new voices. He ended the evening with a closing prayer which invoked the Holy Spirit on all the participants.
Gabbi and I came away so excited by the enthusiasm (which Gary told us means "with the spirit") of the participants who are on fire with their desire to serve the cause of the New Evangelization through their writing. I enjoyed meeting my favorite new blogger Dr Gerard Nadal, who has a PhD in microbiology and is an outspoken and foreful advocate for the Church teaching on life issues. Dr Nadal describes his approach as based on the facts on the disatrous effects of promiscuity, and then he aims the facts straight into the hearts of his audience, leaving them completly floored, and ripe for conversion. I look forward to chatting with him again this Saturday at The Word Made Flesh Catholic Writer's Conference at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception in Huntington. His powerful intellect, his unswerving faith are the perfect balance for an authentic New York Italian sense of humor. He is the Italian Bill Donohue.

Read more about the conference here.

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