Thursday, June 24, 2010

The dollars and sense of social problems

This is the article which I  have been waiting for; and its from Phyllis Schlafly of course. Those who consider themselves fiscal conservatives but want the Republican Party to drop it's platform supporting family values  do not know what they are talking about; you cannot divorce social problems from the finanical crisis we find ourselves in. There is a reason millions of single mothers depend on the government to support their chilidren; our government has been undermining marriage and personal responsibility for generations.
The costs in dollars of supporting, ediucating, disciplining the children abandoned by their fathers is crippling the economy, and leading to the ruin of Western society. President Bush's attempts to encourage marriage were met with a liberal chorus of complaint. How dare he impose marriage on American women!
Marriage which has tragically been eschewed by increasing numbers of women who are having babies without marrying their 'fiances' (new term for boyfriend who is sticking around for a while but not willing to marry the mother of his children). They are sowing the seeds for their own destruction, but they don't know it.
Marriage is a gift of God to women and children, without it, they face the worst society has to offer; penury, loneliness, abuse and neglect. Men fare better in marriage as well, they live longer and behave better, but no fault divorce and changing societal mores have decimated their role.
Schlafly said,
"The decline of marriage is not only the biggest social problem America faces today, but it's also government's biggest financial problem."

It goes for those who tried to do the right thing, but found themselves single parents against their will.
Look at the case of my friend Kristin whose ex-husband has appeared in court for three years, without paying one penny of child support for his ten children, who face foreclosure, yet he boldly demands his rights to see his children while welfare supports them. He lies repeatedly about his income and so far he had not been arrested for non payment of over $70,000 of child support. He works for the Census, but the government can't garnish his wages. He is the worst deadbeat dad I have ever seen, yet nothing is done by the courts. They side with him, and call the struggling mother unfit, putting her on trial.
If my friend weren't the upstanding Catholic mother she is, those children could be at great risk to be high school dropouts who are getting pregnant, taking drugs, and committing crimes. Instead, her son is entering the North American College to study for the priesthood, and her next oldest is in college, working as a grave digger to help support his family as he completes college two years early. She has homeschooled them so well that the boys entered college at 15 knowing Latin and Greek. Her younger children are innocent, faithful Catholics who are living well in what is truly an abyssmal situation.Kristin is a hero the likes of which are rarely seen today. My hat is off to her. Watch a documentary about this family here.
 The single mother I saw last night at the movies smoked cigarettes with her boyfriends hands all over her while her three toddlers ran around the parking lot at 9PM. She barely noticed them, she was so intent on having her emotional needs met. In two years, these children will most likely be wreaking havoc in their elementary school and there will be school psychologists putting letter after their name to explain what happened to them by lack of parenting. I saw it as a teacher whose high school students had a third grade reading level and sold crack for a living. When I attempted to contact their parents, whoever answered the phone didn't even recognize the child's name. This is the tragic legacy of single parenthood. These children will be raised by the state at our expense.
Norway recognizes this cost, a mother is paid $400 a month to stay home with her children, since that nation recognizes the role of mothers in preventing costly social chaos. Rather than pay mother to stay, let us keep our money, give us tax breaks for doing the right thing and raising our own children to be responsible citizens, caring for their famlies, studying and learning professsions. Let us keep our Judeo-Christian morality which teaches us how to treat others with respect and control our baser impulses. This happens within the context of the family, and if Republicans cannot realize it, they would better off becoming Democrats who leave responsiblity to Big Brother.
Read Phyllis Schlafly's entire article at Human Events.

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Matt Walker said...

Great post. I like your reference to Norway paying Moms $400 a month to stay home and take care of their children. I guess some countries invest in their future generations while our country steals from future generations in order to finance our grandiose, debt inflated lifestyles. The United States is a lot like that single Mom at the movie getting her needs met and letting the children run around the parking lot. Even the Soviets would give Mothers medals for having lots of children. How sad is it that we're actually worse than communists when it comes to the degradation of the family?