Friday, June 04, 2010

True feminists are pro-life; Sarah Palin and Michelle Duggar

Conservababes Michelle Duggar and Sarah Palin are throwing their support behind pro-life feminist Congressional Candidate Cecile Bledsoe in Arkansas, according to this article in Jill Stanek. com
Here is Michelle Duggar's robocall in support of Bledsoe.

That's why I am supporting Cecile Bledsoe for Congress. Cecile understands the importance of protecting children before and after they are born. Cecile has stood up for life in the AR state senate and earned a 100% voting record with AR Right to Life.

They are causing an outcry among Gloria Steinem vintage, committed pro-death feminists. How anachronistic!
True feminists know that women are respected when they are allowed to fulfill themselves as mothers and not forced to choose between fertility and success.
Between them, Sarah Palin and Michelle Duggar have 24 children.
Does any one not recognize their names?

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1 comment:

PattyinCT said...

LOL! Conservababes!! I love it!!! I think I'll get a T-shirt made up before the next Tea Party..."I'm a Conservababe" Hahahah! Or maybe I should wait until I'm back down to my Weight Watchers goal, so I don't give Michelle and Sarah a bad rap! Hahahahah!

I'll pray for this candidate. She sounds like just what this country needs. Maybe Palin/Duggar should run in 2012? They could campaign "Helping the USA get 'dug' out of liberalism." Hahahah!

Yeah, I'll stick to housewifery:)