Thursday, June 24, 2010

Catholic Health Association Sr Keehan defiant to Cardinal George reprimand

Even though Cardinal George reprimanded the CHA CEO for making  pro-abortion Obamacare possible. Sr Keehan is unprepentant, sticking a finger in the eye of the Cardinal by reaffirming her support of Obamacare.
Well, bishops, the time for definitive action is here. Will you respond?
Strip CHA of the term "Catholic", and Sr Keehan of her religious status. She has exommunicated herself by becoming an accomplice to milliions of abortions. May God have mercy on her! Here is her statement.
Once fully enacted, we are confident that the Affordable Care Act will provide access to more affordable insurance products and a greater sense of security for over 32 million people in this country that current lack these protections.

And to deny life to millions of children of the poor. This is a great source of scandal in the Church, that a sister using the name "Catholic" made this travesty possible.

UPDATE: Ms Osman, a USCCB official is denying that Cardinal George cricized Sr Keehan, blaming CNA for mispreporting. The lockstep liberals in the room, NCR, America, Commonweal are supporting Ms Osman who says Cardinal George did NOT criticize Sr Keehan for supporting Obamacare.
The only way to resolve this dispute is by releasing recordings of the conversation, NOT transcripts.
Cardinal George, tell us what you said, please, stand by your brave position in correcting Sr Keehan!!
Read the story on Life Site News.
and Catholic Vote Action.


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