Monday, June 28, 2010

Catholics need not apply to this hospital

Today my daughter and I faced religious discrimination beacause of our Catholic faith in a Northestern Connecticut community hospital. She was denied access to a summer  internship because of our religious objections to a vaccine.
The Varicella vaccine which not only contains the cells of an aborted baby, is dangerous, just read the research below has been linked to autism and increased occurance of shingles. We had objected to the vaccine on relgious grounds. This was accepted by her Catholic high school,and by the public school of my youngest daughter. They have to; it's the law in 49 of 50 states. I listened to the testimony before Congress of those who wanted the vaccine mandated by the Department of Health; their reason was when children have chicken pox, they must be isolated for two weeks,and this causes an undue burden on working women. Not a health based reason, mind you, but a reason based on convenience.
We have to accept a vaccine which violates our religious tenets of the value of human life, and accept a risk of autism, whose rates spiked in 1988, the very year the shot was introduced, so that some working women don't have to miss two weeks of work to care for a sick child. Unbelievalbe!
My bright and compassionate 17 year old daughter who is on the honor roll, president of her senior class, is considering a career as an RN, a field which is facing a severe shortage, was just turned down for a coveted internship because of her Catholic faith. What will happen to the nursing profession if such young people are all excluded? Will be only accept candidates who are willing to compromise their moral convictions and stand by while atrocities are being committed? Will they have to participate in assisted suicide and abortions? In some states, the answer is already yes, and under Obamacare, there are NO conscience protections for health care workers.
Here is what the Pontifical Academy of Life has to say about this issue:\
Catholic parents who want to take the moral high ground and not vaccinate their children with tainted vaccines certainly have the right to do so. The Pontifical Academy for Life (PLA) in 2005 told Catholics that they have “a grave responsibility to use alternative vaccines and to make a conscientious objection with regard to those which have moral problems.”

But how often do you hear of a Catholic telling their physician they do not intend to vaccinate their children because of the moral problems of vaccines produced with the tissue from voluntarily aborted babies?

The PLA further stated that just because these vaccines are lawful to use does not let a Catholic off the hook either. In fact, we are either passively or actively supporting the original evil act of abortion when we knowingly choose to use these tainted vaccines and do not express our outrage each time:

Read the Catholic Exchange article here.

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stpetric said...

I'm curious about how the denial of access for your daughter to the hospital internship came about. I've worked in health care most of my adult life, in all sorts of settings (all of them secular), as a clinician, researcher, and administrator. Never on an application or in an interview have been I asked whether I would participate in specific procedures.

Leticia said...

You have been fortunate. My daughter had to submit her immunization record. The employee health nurse found fault with her lack of varicella vaccine. We offered to prove she is not a carrier of the virus, ie she is not contagious, but they wanted her to either prove she had the disease via a titre test (which we took and still are awaiting the results) or that she submit to the shot.
We mentioned our religious exemption and were overriden by 'policy'.

imcatholic - beth said...

Please tell your daughter I think she is a very strong young woman to give up something she wanted so much for her belief. Two thumbs up!!! I think a lot of people don't really know what's in the vaccines they are putting in their children.