Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Keep Out Kagan Day is June 8

from Students for Life (my comments are italicized)

Please sign the petition at

With the confirmation hearings quickly approaching, we need every signature possible to block this advancement of choice on the Supreme Court Bench. If you have signed the petition already, the next step is asking friends and family to not only sign the petition, but to participate tomorrow in Keep Out Kagan Day.

President Obama's nomination of Elena Kagan for Supreme Court Justice is another blow for the pro-life community. Even though Solicitor General Kagan does not have judicial record, experts have found some alarming information about her beliefs on abortion.
Well, look who nominated her, do we need to know more?
Kagan's appointment to the Supreme Court is not an even trade for the unborn. Her appointment could mean 30 more years of legalized abortion. With approximately 1.3 million abortions performed annually, 30 more years of abortion will cost us 39 million unborn lives.
This seems to be the unspoken goal of the Obama administration. It's the only area where he was successful.

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