Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We must fight Kagan

One of the most embarassing moments of the Clinton Administration was not the Lewinsky scandal, it was when Republicans in the Senate approved the most radical nominee to the Supreme Court up till that time, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a radical leftist ACLU attorney with 99 votes.
Maybe she was a shoe-in, but Republicans owed us more than to approve a radical pro-abortion judge without a fight. At least let the vote be along party lines. Maybe a disaffected Democrat or two will make this into a real battle, after all, the tide is turning against Obama.
Let your Senators know they must not shame us again with Elena Kagan, who comes from the Clinton Administration. Read about her extreme pro-abortion views below. She fits perfectly with abortion at all costs Obama, and for that reason alone, we can't roll over and hand her the nomination. Someday, when this country comes to its senses and condemns abortion for the crime against humanity which it is, history will harshly judge those who said, "Abortion is established law, what can we do about it?"
Slavery had existed for milennia when it was outlawed in Europe and the US. That didn't make it right.

The Media Research Center asks;
Do you feel like you know enough about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan to decide if she is fit to serve as a lifetime appointee on the highest court in the land?

Click here to read the complete MRC special report: Media Blackout of SupremeCourt "Battle".

Most people don’t, because the left-wing media have done a good job hiding what little we do know about her.

The Elena Kagan hearings began today, and few Americans are aware of her radical views on the Second Amendment, abortion, crime control, marriage rights, international law and many other critical issues.

Papers released by the William J. Clinton Library reveal Kagan’s belief that partial birth abortion needs to remain legal as the only certain way to protect the “health of women.” This is wildly out of the mainstream, and proves her commitment to a radical pro-abortion position.
Read the Case Against Kagan by Americans United for Life.

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