Friday, October 23, 2009

Traditonal Anglicans come home to Rome

The Traditional Anglican Communion has had enough. Enough of the immorality which is accepted by Anglicans in their clergy. Homosexual bishops, divorced and remarried priests, abortion, contraception. They want to come home to Rome, they feel that they are more in tune with the morality of the Catholic Church than their own congregation.
" Bishop Carl Reid of the Traditional Anglican Communion in Canada, told (LSN), "When it comes to issues of morality, especially family and pro-life, our membership is very strongly on the same page as are Roman Catholics."'
It remains to be seen how many Anglicans will accept the offer made by the Holy Father to allow Anglican converts to retain some structures of their traditon, but my guess is that there will at first be a trickle that turns into a torrent.

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