Wednesday, October 07, 2009

God's work at 40 Days for Life in Norwich, CT

This just in:
"Today, while I was walking and praying at 12 Case Street, two young women in a car stopped and rolled down their window. They asked, "You are against abortion?." I responded, "Yes." The driver explained she has a little one (who was in the back seat). She said, "I can't take care of him. How can I take care of this baby, as she held her tummy. Her friend with her told me she was pregnant also, and that they had just left Planned Parenthood. I told them, "God Bless you for stopping", and explained that there is help available for you to have your babies, that I would get them in touch with someone that could help them, and that those babies inside them were a precious gift from God. One of them gave me her phone number and first name.

I went to the vigil today not expecting anything to happen. When it did (it happened so fast), I prayed I had said the right thing, and that these girls would give their babies LIFE. I will continue to pray for them and help in any way I can.

God was letting us know today that we are doing His work.

God bless our 40 Days for Life Vigil!

(a volunteer who prays at 40 Days for Life at 12 Case Street, Norwich)
Thank you Our Lady of Victory, whose feast day we celebrate today as Our Lady of the Rosary. Thank you for two precious lives saved. These women wanted true choice, and Kathy was able to help them find love and support when they needed it most. Well done Kathy!
None of this would be possible without the countless rosaries said outside the clinic this fall.
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