Saturday, October 17, 2009

Night of Love and Healing with Sean Forrest

Last August, when over 700 people anxiously awaited Eduardo Verastegui's speech at Eastern Connecticut State University, Catholic father and singer Sean Forrest was brave enough, and talented enough to be the warm up singer. His sense of humour, musical talent and ability to bond with the audience had us singing along to "Stand By Me" rather than looking over his shoulder for Eduardo.

I promised myself then that I would not miss the opportunity to attend his next performance, and then was pleasantly surprised to discover that he sent his children to the same Catholic grammar school as my daughter. Sean was educated by the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church, and has chosen the same for his children.

My husband Francisco enjoyed his performance at the Connecticut Catholic Men's Conference and bought his CD "Haiti: I Want to Know What You Know", which has an assortment of musical styles in upbeat songs about faith, love, and marriage. It's perfect CD for keeping your focus on the Lord while driving the colorful New England hills in fall. I've listened to it a dozen times and am now starting to sing along to some of the songs, especially the African style " You are my Saviour", and the touching, "Only So Many Days". Sean has deep respect for his wife which he expressed in his song, "She Chose the Better". His voice reminds me by turns of Billy Joel and Van Morrison with an eclectic style and great backups, this man of God has a bright musical career to watch.

So, I now have a personal note to add. Sean told me about Robert Rogers a man who lost his entire family; wife, and four children in an instant of tragedy and has had to use his Catholic faith to rebuild his life, step by step.
This evening is for married couples and adults over 18.
Tickets are $15.

Come, to the Theatre of the Performing Arts

359 Washington Street

Hartford, CT 06106

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Here's a music video of Sean.

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