Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hoffman leading in NY District 23

I am so proud that upstate New York, home of the gorgeous Adirondacks did not accept Dede Scozzafava's liberal stand on abortion, gay marriage, and the economy, and roundly rejected her candidacy for the House. I am thrilled that this has become a test case for the Tea Party people to flex their collective muscles and take back America for traditional morality. no party bosses cutting deals in smoke-filled rooms. We have spoken, and they WILL listen.
And Sarah Palin is leading the charge. This IS the America I love!!

from the Susan B. Anthony List

Wanted to send you a quick update on the ground in Watertown, NY for the special election taking place next Tuesday. It’s truly incredible-- you can really sense and see the momentum here. The energy is palpable and it’s happened in such a short period of time.

Today, The New York Times published a front page article about our efforts on the ground in NY-23, as well as the national implications this race has for the national party.

We have had six staffers in the district getting people and our efforts organized over the last 10 days. This weekend went great- our team distributed literature to over 65 church services across the district. In total, we have recruited 102 volunteers in charge of distributing yard signs, 95 volunteers in charge of literature distribution at their local church communities and 108 volunteers rounded up who will work at polling locations on Election Day. We are also in the process of blanketing the district with 4000 yard signs.

Every goal we had in terms of volunteer recruitment and events is being increased because we keep meeting them! Unfortunately, the funding isn’t tracking with the on the ground successes. We need to order more supplies, signs and literature for Election Day. Just when it looks like Hoffman can win, we need the extra funds to push us over the top. In total, we have raised and spent over $36,000 on the ground game. An additional $42,000 has been spent on radio ads and robo-calls.

We need to immediately order 75,000 more pieces of literature for Election Day. And we also need to cover the costs for the students who are coming to help in the final weekend. At least 40 star homeschoolers and their parents are coming here to work the polls. We need to cover their hotel and gas. In total, we are going to need at least another $22,700 to make it to Election Day.

NY-23 is small town values, churches everywhere you look, military guys walking around with their families. The sense of hope is growing organically in this election. We are doing two things here-- First, we are giving these folks a choice- someone who will represent their values. And second, we are sending a clear signal that there has to be a line the GOP won’t cross when it comes to respecting our values. That line was overstepped with the nomination of Dede Scozzafava. As the Wall Street Journal wrote: Above all, a defeat would teach Republicans that running candidates who believe in nothing will keep them in the minority for years to come.

We have real momentum on the ground here and we need to sustain it. But we still need your help. The latest polling released yesterday shows Hoffman at 31%, Bill Owens at 27% and Dede Scozzafava at 20%. The GOP and the Dems have both reversed strategy from attacking each other to attacking Hoffman, so we need to be fully funded to execute this winning strategy.

Please donate today by going here.

Thank you for your commitment to unborn children and their mothers.

We are going to win this for them.

Marjorie Dannelfelser

Susan B Anthony List

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