Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Campaign for Human Development and ACORN

So you thought, that when you gave your tithe to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development that you were feeding the poor? So did I.
" It is an error to think of CCHD as an ordinary charity. In fact, it is an extreme left-wing political organization whose ties stretch back to the “father” of community organizing himself, Saul Alinsky, and to Barack Obama in his community-organizing days in Chicago.
And unbeknownst to most Catholics, almost no CCHD grants actually provide direct relief to the poor."

I feel so betrayed when I seethe work the pro-lifers in this area do among poor homeless pregnant women. Those millions could house these women, help them choose life for their babies and give them decent clothing and food.

Instead our contributions went to fund the campaign of the most pro-abortion politician in America. No wonder he thinks Catholics can be bought.

He's been buying us for years.

Read the entire article at Human Events.
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