Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pharmacists and patients forced to participate in vaccines

My friend, a pharmacist, describes how difficult it is to live her faith in her profession, and how she fears that her profession has been destroyed. In my local pharmacy, patients are known by name and the pharmacist really seems to care about them. I wonder if all that will change once mandatory vacccination orders are handed down from the White House. As Rahm Emmanuel has said, "never let a good crisis go to waste". Is the H1N1 'pandemic' the second crisis after the economic collapse, that the Obama Administration will exploit to remove parental rights and conscience clauses for professionals and parents, and one's rights over one's own body?

"I enjoyed pharmacy in the first years. I knew my customers well. I felt a servant and one who was truly involved with health care. Over the years, that sense began to deteriorate. For one thing, the small pharmacies could not compete with chains and then grocery stores where pharmacy was on a par with floral or something. It became more of a commodity and an assembly line. Not to say that we still could not get to know and care about our regular patients, we did. And although there are wonderful life-saving medications and those that improve the quality of life and allow one to live many years with diabetes and other diseases, those drugs are not the bulk of what is dispensed, in my experience.

What is dispensed are psychotropic drugs--mega pain pills, mega anti-depressants, anti-psyhcotics, sleep aids, and tranquilizers.

My personal thought is how can one hear the whispers of the Holy Spirit while drugged up? And drug seeking behavior can be seen from people in any walk of life. Legal drug abuse is phenomenal! It is hard to believe how many drugs some people take. Then when I realized that birth control pills had abortifacient properties, I knew I could not be a retail pharmacist that dispenses those. I left my position in Jan. 1998 and wasunemployed for about 6 months. Then I was offered a position with a home health/IV pharmacy and that was great. I did that for 7 years. Then the franchise closed. A pharmacist who I had worked for in the past offered me a part time position in a grocery store pharmacy and I was allowed a conscience clause and I did that until I moved away last year. I have not found a position here where I can work in accord with my conscience. There is a nursing home pharmacy but even there I have a prejudice that many folks are in nursing homes because they take too many drugs! Do I want to be a part of that, even if legal? So you see I have many issues with my profession. And now the coming mandating of giving vaccines and shots and following that may be the dispensing of drugs for euthanasia. I cannot do that either.

My beautiful profession! Look what has happened to it."

Jeff Garner at Catholic Radio International discusses the topic of a British girl who wanted to obtain a green card until she learned that she would be required to take the dangerous Gardasil Vaccine which disabled and killed several women, including Gabbi Swank.
Click on Sept 18, 2009 show, "Roll up your sleeve or get out".

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Marisela said...

Nice post! Vaccines are nothing but poisons. Your friend will be blessed for putting morality before profits!