Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Joe Lieberman: I'll block vote on Harry Reid's plan

Thanks to Senator Joe Lieberman for being a responsible representative of the people's interests and blocking the insanely expensive health care plan. As a resident of Connecticut, I applaud your courageous action and support you in the midst of spurious claims about you acting in your own economic self interest.
I visited your office with several members of the Health Care for Gunner team and spoke with your health care assistant Shoshanna. Dr Martin McCaffrey Professor of Neo-natology at UNC spoke eloquently on our behalf. We appreciated the respectful dialogue which took place and feel that our concerns that our disabled children would not be covered in a government health care plan were heard.
Thank you for voting your conscience.

Here is a link to what the Senator said:
Joe Lieberman: I'll block vote on Harry Reid's plan - Manu Raju -

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