Friday, February 13, 2009

Sarah Palin is mad, but undeterred

Planned Parenthood has set up a special fund so that donations may be given in her name, in order to mock her pro-abortion views."I have boxes of thank-you notes from people associated with Planned Parenthood thanking me for the donations," she said during a press conference. "It's political theater -- it's great theater, I guess, for some."
Palin said that she and Planned Parenthood may "agree on a mission here that we'd like to see fewer and fewer abortions, I, embracing the culture of life, have perhaps a different approach in how I would like to see that goal reached."
The donations are "not going to change my views or the views of many other Alaskans who believe every life is precious," Palin added.

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Pro-lifers were quick to launch a counter-offensive.
Blogger Rod Drehar, of BeliefNet, highlighted the email and suggested that pro-life advocates launch a counter campaign to support pregnancy centers in Palin’s name.
“You may wish to donate to your local pro-life crisis pregnancy center to offset any contribution to the abortionists. If you don't know how to find one, you can always give to CareNet, a national organization that runs a network of crisis pregnancy centers,” he says.
Drehar calls the email “tactically brilliant” but “of course wicked.”
“I suggest any readers who donate to a pro-life cause to counter that do so in Trig Palin's name, and send notification to” the Republican Party or McCain’s campaign.
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