Thursday, February 05, 2009

Octuplets were IVF babies: the tangled web we weave

Judge Andrew Napolitano said, and I agree with him, that it's a good thing that this woman did NOT abort any of her octuplets. But she is divorced, and already overwhelmed by the six children she has, and without a husband or enough income, has 14 children to care for. This would not be possible without IVF. God never intended for a single mother to be able to bring 8 children into the world, and according to the IVF people, she broke the rules by not being ready to abort some of them. Did she even ask her ex-husband permission? They are his children. He may even be financially responsible for them.

What a complicated web we have woven with In-Vitro Fertilization! This is what happens when we play God; we kill the children He sends us in abortion, and decide when to make them in a lab, regardless of common sense or moral duty to the children. Now this woman will have to rely heavily on the government to raise the family she should not have had.

Poor children of such thoughtless mother! I wish the family well, but want the public to learn a lesson, every act of In-Vitro Fertilization leaves frozen human embryos in a lab where they will either be destroyed or experimented on.
"According to the grandmother of octuplets born in California last week, rather than allow her leftover frozen embryos to be destroyed, dissected in a laboratory, or frozen indefinitely, their mother chose to give them a chance at life by implanting them in her womb.Little did she expect to give birth to eight relatively healthy babies, or to be deluged first by congratulations, then by scorn, as critics questioned her choice not to selectively abort as a single mother of reportedly little means."
She was told this when she had the first fertility treatments, and if it bothered her then, she should not have had them.That was the time to make the right choice.
Judy Brown said, "this case actually highlight the grave moral reasons why the Catholic Church has so consistently identified the practice of IVF as gravely evil. The babies are not evil; the practice is simply unacceptable, according to Catholic medical ethics. As a matter of fact, each of those babies are blessings; they are gifts from God — not products from an assembly line, as some would suggest."
HT Renew America

The Creighton Fetility Method has an 80% success rate and no babies are destroyed, no moral laws broken, for a fraction of the $20,000 per IVF treatment. When will we women learn to respect our bodies as sacred vessels for bringing life to the world, not sites for medical profiteering?
When I was expecing Christina (naturally) I was treated at a fertility clinic with Progesterone because of my three previous miscarriages. I offered the doctor a book, "Fertility Cycles and Nutrition" by Marilyn Shannon, which had helped me, and he threw it back at me! No one makes big money teaching nutrition.
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