Thursday, February 19, 2009

The consequences of sex education without morality

Twelve year old Alfie has probably heard in his middle school health class that he should express himself sexually, as long as it 'felt right'. He certainly knew how to get his 14 year old girlfriend pregnant. What no one ever told him was that it was morally wrong to be intimate with someone you're not married to.
But the schools aren't the only ones to blame.
Unmarried parents, a chaotic house which is a hangout for pot smokers and a complete lack of supervison complete this sad story of children having children. Birth control and abortion are not the answer. Morality is.
But first the parents have to practice it before they can preach it.
"Josephine Quintavalle of the Pro-Life Alliance said that it was right that no-one should not be prosecuted as the children were “victims of our society”.
”We have to be pleased that they have the courage to resist the temptation to have an abortion because whoever is responsible it is not the child that has been born,” she said.
”Nobody can be happy in thinking that teenagers at a younger and younger age are sexually active.
”We have to drastically rethink our whole attitude to sex education.

”We should have the courage to say to children at this age 'You are too young, don't do it' it is time we woke up to that.”

Read the entire story in the UK Telegraph.

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