Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Don't give up on your children's school

Good News: Parents Use Internet to Influence Schools
Some parents think it's impossible to stand up for truth in public schools and actually get their voices heard.

Michelle Turner and hundreds of others in Montgomery County, Md., know better. When they were ignored, they tapped the power of the Web.

Turner learned about a pro-gay curriculum by volunteering on a citizen’s advisory committee. But she was outnumbered.

“This is enough," she said. "This has gone too far. People’s voices are not being heard. Parents are not being heard.”

Not content to stay silent, Turner then formed a group called Citizens for Responsible Curriculum and a Web site by the same name, to influence school leadership.

When the grassroots group was unable to gain an audience with the school board or superintendent, it tried e-mail, the media and finally the courts. Last year, its Web site received 1 million hits.

In Fairfax, Va., Cheryl King is using the Internet to work with other parents and students on the True Tolerance initiative. The goal is to place books with a Christian perspective on homosexuality into public school libraries.

Visit Focus on the Family's education Web site.

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