Friday, February 13, 2009

KIDS in National Right to Life News and Views

"Tragically, the great majority of babies who are diagnosed with Down syndrome while still in the womb are never welcomed into a family. Of those parents who are told their unborn child has Down syndrome at least 90% choose to abort the baby.
The enormity of this crisis led Eileen Haupt and Leticia Velasquez, who both have daughters with Down syndrome, to work together to challenge the misinformation that often leads a mother to abort her child diagnosed to have Down syndrome. As Haupt said, "The one thing that prenatal testing cannot tell you is the unspeakable joy that your child with Down syndrome will give you."

Though Eileen Haupt and I met for the first time in person at the March, the closeness of our kindred spirits continue to amaze me. For example, when asked to add my own thoughts to Dave Andrusko for this article, I was left speechless by the elegance of the above quote from Eileen. Those are my sentiments exaclty, I thought, what more could I add?
We sense that God has formed a team with us, and that our work with KIDS is just beginning. . .
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Eileen said...

You are too kind! I am so grateful for having connected with you and forming KIDS! I look forward to more work (and fun!) and meeting other families with children who have Down syndrome.