Friday, February 06, 2009

Al Gore to kids: don't listen to your parents

It always puzzled me that subscribers to the Culture of Death mindset have few if any children. and those who love life have many. Soon we should outnumber them, and save the world. But there's one flaw in this plan; they own the media, the public schools, the universities and Hollywood. They steal our children's hearts and minds if we aren't vigilant. Glenn Beck and Fr Jonathan Morris discussed this on his show last night. Fr Morris reaffirmed the Church's teaching that parents are their children's first teachers, and Glenn compared Al Gore's speech to the indoctrination of the Hitler Youth.
On the tape, Gore states: "When I was your age and the civil rights revolution was unfolding, and we kids asked our parents and their generation, 'Explain to me again why it's okay for the law to officially discriminate against people because of their skin color?'
"And when our parents' generation couldn't answer that question, that's when the law started to change. There are some things about our world that you know that older people don't know," he continued.

This tactic is nothing new. I remember the biggest argument I ever got in with my dad in elementary school in the mid-seventies is when our 6th grade teacher, Ms Koons, sent us home to grade our parents with an "Are You Prejudiced?" test. I told my father he was a racist because he said that the Jewish people are a race and a religion. The test said no, but now I know who was right. Dad, of course!
Separation of parents and children ideologically is what public schools do best. It's what they are for, according to Adolf Hitler. Guess who outlawed homeschooling in Germany?
So did John Dewey
"Dewey believed that neither traditional moral norms nor traditional philosophical ethics were up to the task of coping with the problems raised by these dramatic transformations. Traditional morality was adapted to conditions that no longer existed. Hidebound and unreflective, it was incapable of changing so as to effectively address the problems raised by new circumstances. Traditional philosophical ethics sought to discover and justify fixed moral goals and principles by dogmatic methods. Its preoccupation with reducing the diverse sources of moral insight to a single fixed principle subordinated practical service to ordinary people to the futile search for certainty, stability, and simplicity.
In practice, both traditional morality and philosophical ethics served the interests of elites at the expense of most people. To address the problems raised by social change, moral practice needed to be thoroughly reconstructed, so that it contained within itself the disposition to respond intelligently to new circumstances. Dewey saw his reconstruction of philosophical ethics as a means to effect this practical reconstruction."
Source: The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
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a red voice said...

I believe that is part of the liberal plan - to indoctrinate the kids... (that is how Hitler did it & it was very effective - kids would turn their parents in) Al Gore & Obama are very sneaky in their tactics as well, & liberal university and schools do a good job at indoctrinating too...

We have to always be on guard as now Obama wants to de-fund federal aid from Religious University & take rights away from Homeschooling parents. It shows how Obama is trying to take God out of our country. Step by step he is trying to accomplish this & Al Gore right there beside him - helping.

+JMJ+ said...

This does sound like part of the plan. I posted about how Al Gore used to be PROLIFE....until it became an INCONVIENT Truth!

Would you pop over to my blog? I'd love to see you promote the Red Envelope craft to Obama for the Unborn! THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Poor, poor Al Gore. His 'global warming' scam hasn't worked out for him, so now he's going after our children to lead.

Well, kids, he lied the first time; he's lying to you again.

Anonymous said...

funny stuff! it's always sad when somebody has to trot out a "Hitler" argument to support their cause.

on one hand, i don't mind that religious extremists pull their kids out of school and teach them funny stuff like the earth is 6000 years old. this means just that many fewer kids my kids will have to compete with in any arena based on REALITY. but on the other hand, if this really catches on, it means the USA is going to be screwed as ever other nation trounces us in science and technological advance, as we are dragged back into a new dark age.

(yes, i realize this is an anti-abortion blog, not a young-earth creationist blog. but this ties in with the home-schooling - lots of the curriculum is young earth B.S.)

there certainly are good arguments to be anti-abortion, so don't soil yourself with silly "Hitler" attacks and other logical fallacies.