Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eulana Englaro dehydrated to death

An Italian version of Terri Schiavo's tragic dehydration death has come to Italy, in the shadow of the Vatican. This time it was the victim's own father who insisted on killing her, despite efforts from the Italian Parliament, and Prime Minister, she has died.
"Last week, the comatose 37-year-old Italian woman was taken by her father Beppino from a hospital in Lecco, Italy, where Eluana was receiving care from Sisters of Mercy. She had been in a coma since 1992 as a result of injuries she sustained in a car accident.
Her father acted without legal authorization, in order to place Eluana in a medical clinic in Udine that was willing to kill her by depriving her of the food and hydration she required through a feeding tube in order to stay alive.
Why is it that one person, with a will to kill a loved one can overcome the efforts of an entire national government? It happened with Terri Schiavo. Her husband Michael overcame the efforts of both Governor and President Bush, and the US Congress and successfully dehydrated his wife to death. The Culture of Death grows stronger with each tragedy like this. Don't be complacent and think this can't happen to you; a new study shows that 40% of comatose "vegetative state" patients are misdianosed.
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Anonymous said...

Her father did'nt kill her, he let her finally die, a big difference! If her accident had happened 30 years ago, she would have died after a short period, because than all the artificial life support didn't exist - and like there are called, there are artificial! Her father didn't take this decison after a couple of weeks, he took it after 17 YEARS! It's always easy to judge when it doesn't concern your own life, your own famialy! Do you want to suffer EVERY SECOND of your life or want to see a loved one be in a condition of a vegetable like Eulana! Berlusconi accused her fahter only wanting to get rid of a problem, Berlusconi did'nt even come to SEE Eulana and have an impression of her condition! She died after only 3 days without food and water, her mind and body were READY to leave this world. Why can't we accept this? The people who screamed "let's save Eulana", from WHAT? This was no life anymore for her, and she had expressed herself before her accident that she never wanted to be left in conditions like this, maintained alive. I understand her family, they took a brave decision and know that their daughter is in a better place now!

a red voice said...

This just sickens me, when One person has so much power and can play God & decide when they "feel" it is time for another to die - The father should be put in jail for murder. What's the difference between what he did to his daughter than holding a gun to her head and shooting her?? - except the way he killed Eluana (dehyrdrated to death) was more painful. Very sad!!

Leticia said...

Anonymous, food and water are ordinary means not extraordinary, and my guess is, that for at least the first year of your life, you were rather dependent on your parents for both. And there was a LOT less technology then.
Did you ever read about what happened to Terri Schaivo as she debydrated to death, how her lips cracked and bled, how her stomach contracted in spasms of pain?
There is no "going gently to a better place" that's pure propaganda of the enemy of life. the prince of lies.

Anonymous said...

Allowing another to die is, indirectly, killing them, whether the decision is made after 17 minutes, 17 weeks, or 17 years--please, keep the Obama double-speak away from here. No takers.