Friday, October 20, 2006

The World's Shortest Camping Trip

The girls and I have been trying to get my husband out camping with us in our new pop-up trailer for over a year. Finally, we decided that Thursday was the day, packed up and headed into the great wilderness of Indian Island County Park not 20 minutes from home. We were somewhat adventurous, however, as there was no electric hook-up, and we arrived at the campsite in the dark. After an hour of "give ME the lantern!" we finally set up camp. The campfire was crackling, the burgers and beans sizzling, and we truly felt like a FAMILY alone in the woods (with a convenient ladies room across the path, we're no dopes!)
Later, out came marshmallows, and rosaries. At Catholic Familyland in Ohio, we had our first campouts and learned the rosary campfire tradition. After each decade, we sing a hymn, till the little ones fall asleep in our arms, and then the sharing begins.
But this night, raindrops sent us flying into the trailer, to fall asleep to the drumming of the rain on the canvas roof. We awoke in the morning to the same rainstorm, and gave up on the idea of a hot breakfast followed by a hike to the beach, and left for home.
It had been an 11 hour camping trip. Rather than get discouraged, Francisco kept saying, "Wow! That was FUN!!" I have a feeling this is only the beginning of our campout adventures.

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