Sunday, October 08, 2006

Today, we took a Sunday drive on a golden Indian summer afternoon through the farms on the North Fork of Long Island. Roads were bumper to bumper, as there were crowds of city folks looking for a touch of country harvest, but we managed to find a perfect outdoor spot for a seafood supper, complete with a play 'RV' for Christina who wanted to play while we were still eating. Soon, she had two little friends traveling her, and we were able to eat a leisurely meal without trying to rein her in. Ah, the bliss!
What could possibly complete such a perfect afternoon? Evening Mass with one of my favorite priests, Monsignor McDondald, our former pastor, who frequently visits our parish as his duties as rector of the seminary permit. He is fondly remembered though he left 6 years ago, and gave a challenging homily about marriage, saying how couples who marry without expecting troubles are in for a suprise.That received hearty applause from the married parishioners!

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Alice said...

Sounds like a great Mass. Msgr. MacDonald always has something memorable and beneficial to say.