Thursday, October 12, 2006

News Flash: The Universal Indult is Here!

The liberalization of the Old Mass or Traditional Mass, or Tridentine Mass is something my friends have been praying for for a long time. A dear lady named Mary offered up her sufferings to Jesus for this cause as she died from cancer.
Because those of us who have attended the Traditional Mass have been struck by it's quiet reverence, other worldliness, ample time for contemplation, and heavenly music.The aspect of the mass as a sacrifice, an unbloody representaion of Calvary, is more evident, and it focused more on God's transcendence, and less on the community. It's about our communing with God, not each other.

Fellowship we can enjoy after mass, over the coffee and doughnuts, but please let me receive the Body and Blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ in a reflective, not distracted, atmosphere.
Even my children are quieter, sensing the awesomeness of God.
And we LOVE the beautiful hymns! Tantum Ergo, Panis Angelicus, Ave Maria, Salve Regina, Adoro Te Devote, Adoremus Te Christe, O Salutaris Hostia, I could go on forever. My background playing the classical violin and singing great music in high school (Bach B minor mass, Mozart Requiem) has given me a love for this transcendent music.

How many of you were transported to mystical union with God via, "One Bread, One Body", or, "Let there be peace on Earth"?

Give your local Indult Latin Mass a try. You'll see what I mean!

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