Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feast of the North American Martyrs

The Shrine of the North American Martyrs is a gorgeous place, set in the pristine green hills of the Mohawk River Valley, yet the stories of Sts. Isaac Jogues, and companions are chilling to the soul! I couldn't bear to read much of how the Iroquois tortured these men, but the movie, "Blackrobe" shows it quite vividly.
What the movie fails to show is the pure love St. Isaac Jogues bore for his torturer's souls, so that after escaping to France with missing fingers, he petitioned for permission to celebrate Mass again, so that he could return to North America to evangelize the same Indians who ruined his hands, and eventually killed him.
Do I pray and fast for the souls of the terrorists who kill our citizens on 9/11? Would I give my life for their conversion?

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