Monday, October 23, 2006

"Let's Dream Together/Sonaremos Juntos"

Last summer, my boss at Suffolk Community College reccommended a group called World Wide Voices, an organization dedicated to eradicating some of the anti-immigrant tensions within the Long Island Community.
I met with the founders, Howard and Linda Beckerman, and we clicked. Howard was an ESL teacher like me, but has an incredible musical talent, and played piano around New York City while he taught. Then, he put his two loves together, and wrote songs for Berlitz foreign language tapes. One he wrote is called, "Commuter Spanish" and is a tape of catchy songs to sing along to in the car, and learn Spanish phrases painlessly.
Now we are writing a musical about mutual multi-cultural understanding, specifically about how we all celebrate Christmas, and other holidays. He helped a group of us to collaborate on the song, "Let's Dream Together/Sonaremos Juntos", which we will be performing in November.
I came home singing this song last week, so the girls wanted to get involved, and here they are, on stage. Such natural charm!
Look out, Broadway!

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