Thursday, October 26, 2006

Shopping is Addictive

This summer, we were lucky.

We had very little money, and had to stay OUT of stores for non-necessities.

At first, I suffered from withdrawal, but, little by little, I was freed. . . from noticing the ragged kitchen towels, rugs, sofa, and sheets. We didn't mind the lack of socks (kids love going barefoot!) the mismatched outfits, no new videos, and no formal entertainment.
We re-discovered our local free beach and bike trails, learned to 'waste time' making toys out of leaves and sticks, we spent more time gardening, used our art supplies more, noticed the funny things our cats do, taught the dog some manners, got acquainted with our neighbors, and got 'handicapped child' signs installed on our busy street.
We prayed the rosary more often as a family, and learned to accept gifts from friends. We were so lucky, no, blessed, to have no money and plenty of time together this summer!
This first shopping trip was fun, but had a touch of sadness, as I pray that those precious lessons learned this summer will 'stick'.

Thank you Jesus, for temporary poverty!

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