Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Why Catholics should support Rick Santorum: Values and Economics

I don't understand conservative Catholics who won't support Santorum but they can be divided into several groups;
1. Ron Paul anti-establishment zealots- you can't talk to them
2. Pro-lifers holding a grudge against Rick for supporting Specter against Toomey in the PA Senate primary. We must remember Specter was brought into line and we got Alito and Roberts while he was chair of the Judiciary Committee. Toomey is now the Senator from PA.That was the reasoning behind Santorum's support of Specter and may explain the loss of his Senate seat in 2006.
3. Conservative Catholics who think he's unelectable. Rush Limbaugh said recently only a true conservative will beat Obama. Santorum is surging in the polls, and getting money and media hype he was long denied.
4. Conservative Catholics who don't like some other less important aspect of his policy (like foreign policy) than life issues. Nothing is more important than ending the holocaust of abortion. The Pope says so.
5. Derisive comments that he doesn't 'sparkle' on TV. Obama sparkled during his 2008 campaign, see where that got us?

Let me be perfectly clear; when I first interviewed Rick for Canticle magazine in 2008, Fr Edmund Silvia wrote a sidebar to my article "Catholics in the Public Square: Catholic Politicians who Stood Their Ground" about the so called "non-negotiables":which are the life issues(embryonic stem cell research, loning, abortion) and traditional marriage are THE issues where a candidate must conform to the age-old standard of Catholic moral teaching.
Rick is the Catholic candidate which has the best record on these issues, and I will never forget his defense of the dignity of the unborn child during the Partial Birth Abortion debate.
Rick Santorum with Bella, Leticia and Christina Velasquez
He has written a book "It Takes a Family" which explains in great detail the Catholic social teaching of subsidiarity, or letting the lowest level of government handle aspects of our lives, and the relationship between strong two parent  families and a health economy.He argues that the family is the building block of society, NOT the federal government.
 More broken families mean more broken people whom the federal government has to imprison, rehabilitate, house, feed, and re-educate. The Democrats know this well, products of single parent homes is the bulwark of their base, they need to vote Democrat to keep their checks. The Dems need to keep them dependent on entitlements to remain in office.  While they refuse to strengthen marriage or offer educational choice, the true ways out of poverty. Is this true concern for the poor?

I have a personal reason for supporting Rick. We are both parents of special needs children. He has a special needs daughter, three year old Bella who has trisomy 18 and has promised to champion such children if elected. This truly comforts those of us who have a deep-seated fear that, in a couple of years we will be fighting the Obamacare system for medical care for our special needs children. We had a conference in 2009 entitled Healthcare for Gunner. where we joined parents from Canada who had experienced discrimination against their disabled children under their socialized medical system.
That would not happen under a Santorum presidency.First of all, he promises to abolish Obamacare.  In addition,  I am confident that instead of NIH funding research into pre-natal testing which results in a 92% abortion rate for children like his Bella and my daughter Christina with Down syndrome, increased funding would go towards the promising research to improve their learning and memory skills.Many promising research projects are in clinical trials but would be farther along if they had as much funding as is given to the search-and-destroy prenatal testing methods.

Pro-family, pro-life, and pro-freedom, Rick has an immaculate record in his personal life and an outstanding record of public service to back up his detailed, populist economic plan according to Mark Sticherz of Catholic Vote. and Rich Lowry of National Review;

In the debates, Santorum has constantly talked about increasing economic mobility. In a heresy for a Republican, he’s acknowledged that some countries in Europe are more mobile than we are, and he has noted the disparity between the unemployment rates of college-educated and non-college-educated Americans. Santorum proposes zeroing out the corporate tax rate for manufacturers to provide them a boost as a source of blue-collar jobs. “We need to talk about people at the bottom of the income scale being able to get necessary skills and rise so they can support themselves and a family,” Santorum said at the CNBC economy debate. He’s right, although he is one of the few Republicans who seem determined to have the conversation.
Rick Santorum is the obvious choice for faithful Catholics.And values voters.And he has been proving in the last few days that hard work pays off as he surprised everyone but his followers, by his surge. We knew you could do it, Rick!

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