Sunday, January 08, 2012

If you missed Saturday debate at St Anselm College

From the Satorum campaign, some of Rick's comments. I was present at an economic summit at St Anselm earlier that day, and will be posting on it shortly. The photo is from the morning event; "The Economy and the Electorate" at the New Hampshire Institute for Politics at St Anselm. Rick faced over 40 journalists about the economy and was very poised and detailed as he outlined his plant to bring back manufacturing jobs.
Tonight, Rick Santorum emerged as a front-runner for the Republican nomination for President. Attacked by his fellow contenders, Rick Santorum stood tall, calm, and collected - rebutting all scurrilous allegations with the fact that he has fought for causes he cares about. And when presented with the foreign policy challenges that face America, he stood head-and-shoulders above the fray as the best equipped, most knowledgeable, and with the fortitude to stand up for America's security interests.

Hogan Gidley, National Communications Director, said: "Rick Santorum stood on the stage tonight and emerged as a candidate ready to be commander-in-chief. Not just the Middle Class, not just Wall Street, but commander-in-chief for all Americans. Rick Santorum stood up for traditional values, stood up for the security of our nation, and stood up for all American workers. America needs such a leader, and it is becoming clearer and clear that leader is Rick Santorum."

On CEO versus Commander-in-Chief:

"We need a leader, not a CEO. What we need is someone who can paint a positive vision for this country."

In Response To Rep. Ron Paul:
"If you haven't been accused by CREW, you're not a conservative. You should know better than cite a George Soros organization.

On The Right To Privacy:

"It created a right through something that wasn't there. I am for overturning Roe v. Wade, I do not believe we have a right to take a life. I do not believe the founders envisioned that. I do not believe the constitution enables that."

On Same-Sex Marriage:
"If the constitution says marriage is between a man and a woman, then marriage is between a man and woman."

On Securing Afghanistan (in response to Ambassador Huntsman):
"How long do you wait? Until the security of our country is ensured. That is the job of commander-in-chief."

On Iran (in response to Rep. Ron Paul):

"If we had your foreign policy there wouldn't have been a fleet to pick up the Iranian fishermen... The Iranian people love Americans because we stand up for the truth and call evil what it is."

On Manufacturing:

"I do something different than everybody else. I focus on one sector that has been hit hard - manufacturing. We eliminate the corporate tax for manufacturers... We eliminate all regulations that cost business over $100 million."
On The Middle Class:
"There are no classes in America... That's their (Democrats) job - divide, separate."
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