Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Dugggar family throws their support to Rick Santorum

From an official Santorum press release;

The Rick Santorum for President Campaign has received the endorsement of the Duggar Family, stars of TLC's "19 and Counting."
Michelle Duggar said: "This year's Presidential race outcome will set the course of America for the next several years! Rick Santorum is a pro-life, Christian conservative with the family values and common sense business perspective that we need to get our nation back on track, to create jobs and to stand for what is right! Rick has a proven track record as a leader in the US Senate he fought to end partial birth abortion, he has stood for defining marriage as between a man and a woman. Rick believes in lower taxes and less government control in our lives. He also will fight for drilling our own oil out of Alaska, which will lower fuel prices, create jobs and put thousands of dollars back in families pocketbooks. Rick is the man for the job, and the entire Duggar family asks those who are looking for a conservative candidate to support to join them in voting for Rick Santorum for President. He will be a voice for senior citizens, the working families and the unborn."
Rick Santorum said: "I am excited to receive the Duggar's endorsement, and even more excited that they are coming to Iowa to join us for the Caucus. The Duggars have lived out their lives and their faith in the public eye, and have stood up for the foundational principles not just in word, but in deed. I have campaign on the theme of faith, family, and freedom and the Duggars epitomize this in their daily lives. I welcome their support and am honored that they believe in our surging candidacy."

The Duggar Family has been prominently featured on several Discovery Health and TLC documentaries including "14 Children and Pregnant Again!," "16 Children and Moving In!," and "Duggar's Big Family Album." The Duggars have used these and other national platforms to profess their faith and belief in traditional family values such as the preservation of human life."

The Duggar family has the moral authority to speak on behalf of life issues, they are a living epitome of the Culture of Life. I am so pleased they see in Rick Santorum the pro-life values I have come to appreciate about him. I hear that Jim Bob Duggar is driving the Santorum bus!

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