Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Partial Birth Abortion poster baby, Donna Joy Vance endorses Rick Santorum

Endorsement of Rick Santorum for President
By: Donna Joy Vance
 Donna Joy was the child whose mother Lori Vance spoke on the floor of the Senate against Partial Birth Abortion. Lori and Donna Joy were Rick Santorum's companions during that battle, on the Senate floor, even in the cloakroom where Donna Joy tried unsuccessfully to hug opponent Barbara Boxer. "She was drinking punch, she threw her cup away and ran out of the room," recounts Lori Vance of the incident. Now Donna Joy runs track in school and is proud to fill out her voter registration. Here's her endorsement of Rick Santorum. She and her mother are pro-life heroes and both are 100% behind Rick Santorum. Seems that the more you know Rick, the more likely you are to get behind him.

Dear America,
I want you to vote for Rick Santorum for President. I do not really like President Obama. President Obama likes abortion. I do not like abortion. Mr. Rick will make a really, really, really good president! Mr. Rick and his friends in Capitol Hill wanted to let me live. He does not like abortion. It is killing a baby. Other people did not want me to live. Mr. Rick wants me to live. Please vote for Mr. Rick to be my president and I will be really, really, really happy! I am voting for him!
                                          Thank you!
                                   Donna Joy Vance

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John Francis Borra said...

Donna Joy's endorsement is sweet and to-the-point. And who can question her bona fides? I'd like to see Obama and Boxer try; it would underscore the travesty of "reproductive freedom."

Well done, Donna Joy & Lori! Thanks for posting, Leticia!

gailcay said...

You are a blessing from God! What you wrote is AWESOME and I am proud of you! I have a sweet, smart boy who has Down Syndrome, and babies like him are aborted everyday. Every child has a soul and deserves to live. I am so glad we have men of integrity like Rick running for president.