Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brian Burch tells Catholics to keep working for Santorum in SC!

Is Mitt Romney's victory in the GOP primary inevitable?

Not so fast.

Governor Romney's victory last night in New Hampshire was decisive, but hardly a surprise. He spent millions of dollars there, and has been campaigning in the Granite State for six years now. And of course he served as Governor next door in Massachusetts.
So what about Santorum?

Coming from behind in Iowa, Senator Santorum had little time to organize much of anything in New Hampshire. He spent the week campaigning door to door for voters, but his campaign made the decision to not run any TV ads. They chose instead to hold their fire for South Carolina.

Right now Rick Santorum is polling in second place in South Carolina. After that comes Florida. A brand new Quinnipac poll asked Florida voters who they would support in a hypothetical match between Barack Obama and Rick Santorum. The result was a statistical tie in the biggest swing state in the country.

The facts are clear: Rick Santorum can go head to head with President Obama if voters give him a chance.

But right now we are focused exclusively on the South Carolina’s primary -- just ten days from now.

We're raising as much money as we can to try and put Rick Santorum back on top in South Carolina. We can't predict the future. But candidates like Santorum will never succeed unless people like us get behind him.

If you haven't yet contributed, we definitely could use your help. Chip in here.

And stay tuned. This campaign has been one of the most unpredictable in recent memory.

The Santorum Surge is far from over.

All my best,
Brian Burch

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