Monday, September 10, 2007

Our Lady of America

Yesterday, I had the rare privelege of speaking with Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR at the Friar Suppliers Picnic. I told him of Esther's posting his story on Archbishop Fulton Sheen and he was pleased, he told me an amazing story of a little baby in the womb who was seen on a sonogram without arms or legs. The parents prayed to Servant of God Fulton Sheen, and the baby was born perfect. The documentation on this miracle will be sent to the postulator of his cause in Rome.
Fr Apostoli he told me what was most on his mind, the apparitions of Our Lady of America, which were approved by several American bishops. In a recent apparition, Our Lady asked that her statue, pictured here, be installed in the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. She said that the graces which she would disperse from this action would "surpass those of Lourdes and Fatima".
Her statue will make the rounds tomorrow on 9/11 from Ground Zero to the Old St. Peter's Church in lower Manhattan.
Our Lady of America will visit the sanctuary where Fr. Mychal Judge's body was brought after his death while ministering to the victims of 9-11.It is hoped that Our Lady of America will grant consolation for devout and patriotic people who will be present at New York in the World Trade Center neighborhood this coming September 11th. Click here for background on Church of St Peter's involvement during 9-11.
The statue will be on display later that day at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

The best way to remember 9/11 is to fast and pray for Our Lady's intercession for the conversion of souls and the protection of our nation.
I mentioned in this post how our failure to live our Catholic faith in this nation may be partially responsible for the chastisement of 9/11. Let's pray that we hear Our Lady's warning before more innocent people suffer.The message is so urgent and many, many people don't know about her. I've asked many priests about her and they have never heard about Our Lady of America. Here is just a short message...Thursday, September 27Our Lady of America appears again. Chapel open from 9am-9pm"Our Lady again appeared to me while I was at prayer. She held the world in her hands. From her eyes tears were flowing upon it, as though she longed to cleanse it from its guilt.It was then that I heard these words filled with sorrow and longing:"Behold, O my children, the tears of your Mother! Shall I weep in vain? Assuage the sorrow of my Heart over the ingratitude of sinful men by the love and chasteness of your lives. Will you do this for me, beloved children, or will you allow your Mother to weep in vain? I come to you, O children of America, as a last resort. I plead with you to listen to my voice. Cleanse your souls in the Precious Blood of My Son. Live in His Heart, and take me in that I may teach you to live in great purity of heart which is so pleasing to God. Be my army of chaste soldiers, ready to fight to the death to preserve the purity of your souls. I am the Immaculate One, Patroness of your land. Be my faithful children as I have been your faithful Mother."These are my words, O my daughter. Make them known to my children."I desire to make the whole of America my shrine by making every heart accessible to the love of my Son."


Jean M. Heimann said...


I met Fr. Apostoli when he was in the Peoria diocese (Bishop Sheen's home diocese)- he's is an angel!
He signed my Bishop Sheen book as "to the best writer I know". There is a story behind that I will have to share sometime.

My dh and I both have the Our Lady of America medals.

Thanks for sharing this miracle with us, it is so uplifting!

Esther said...

Thank you Leticia! My friend Lois called and asked me if I had heard about the Statue of Our Lady and Ground Zero. I hadn't. I will be posting this on my blog too!!
God bless,

Lisa said...

Our Lady of America just left Saint Louis and it was a blessing to have her here! You can see some photos here.

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

I had not heard of Our Lady of America. I too will be posting her picture on my blog. I feel so joyful every time I hear about a little baby healed within the womb. I am so glad you were able to share this story!