Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Emmy Award Winner Kathy Griffin Blasphemes Jesus

Here is the latest example of the debasing of our culture. Aetheists, emboldened by the likes of Christopher Hitchens, are now the latest group to 'come out', as if they were a persectuted minority, puuuleeeze! Let's see if this latest offense to Our Lord creates more than a blip of publicity. There's an email address at the bottom of this piece from the Catholic League. Make the effort to tell Dick Askin that you are offended by the following statement.


On September 8, at the 59th Annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards, comedian Kathy Griffin won Outstanding Reality Program for her Bravo show, "My Life on the D-List." In her acceptance speech, Griffin said, "Suck it, Jesus, this award is my God now." Fox will televise the Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, September 16 from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:
"Mel Gibson. Michael Richards. Isaiah Washington. Imus. Jerry Lewis. Every time a celebrity offends a segment of the population, he pays a price, in one way or another. The question now is whether Kathy Griffin will pay a similar price for her outburst. And as we have learned, her verbal assault was calculated."

In an interview with Houston's gay magazine, OutSmart, Griffin described herself as a "complete militant atheist." Unfortunately, her kind of vulgar in-your-face brand of hate speech found a receptive audience on Saturday: The Hollywood Reporter says her foul remark 'drew laughs.'

It is incumbent upon Dick Askin, chairman and chief executive officer of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, to denounce Griffin's obscene and blasphemous comment; a statement should also be read on Sunday. After all, it is his organization that is responsible for the Creative Arts Emmy event. Moreover, given the way the Hollywood crowd received Griffin's remark, it falls to Askin to distance the Academy from this outrageous incident. We are contacting Griffin's agent as well."

It is sure bet that if Griffin had said, "Suck it, Muhammad," there would have been a very different reaction from the crowd and from the media who covered this event. To say nothing of the Muslim reaction.

Contact Askin at
Here is a copy of my email, you can cut and paste it like a form letter.
Dear Mr. Askin,
In her acceptance speech, Griffin said, "Suck it, Jesus, this award is my God now"
As a Catholic, I consider this hate speech, and ask you, Mr. Askin to make a disclaimer on the Emmy's about this statement. If she were Imus, there would be action taken. Christians deserve at least as much respect as the African-American.

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Anonymous said...

What ticks me off about the whole incident is that she has not shown any remorse, any regret whatsoever with her remark. What's worse is that people applauded her comment! She was really offensive, her comedy was in bad taste. We should all boycott her and the people who think this kind of incident can just go unnoticed. Christians/Catholics are very tolerant of things, but this time, we have to say something. Freedom of speech goes hand in hand with responsibility. Kathy Griffin's statement is so callous and there is no way to defend it. That was a clear cut form of blasphemy!