Friday, March 30, 2012

Women are Santorum's biggest supporters

Great piece on IVillage by cofounder of Smart Girl Politics Terri Christoph on how the liberals are wrong when they say women do not like Santorum with plenty of statistical backing.
Fast-forward to the end of March and Rick Santorum seems to not only not have a woman problem, but his popularity among women is on the rise. A slew of recent polls show him besting his Republican rivals Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich when it comes to the affections of women, who are very likely this election cycle’s most important voting bloc. According toPolitico:
"In 2012, Santorum’s strength with women voters was first demonstrated in Iowa, and the trend continued through Southern states. Exit polls show he won among women in Iowa, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Even in states where he didn’t win the primary, Santorum performed well among women: In Ohio, for example, where Mitt Romney won the popular vote, Santorum still won married women by 4 points."
The only reason liberal pundits think Santorum has a 'woman problem' is that they consider us,  as one PA legislator calls us,  "Men with breasts". If you cherish your children and fight for the freedom to raise them in your traditional values, in an economy where you are not worried about paying your bills, then, according to them, you do not exist. Or is it that you do not matter?
We conservababes know that Rick Santorum has a deep respect for women, from his 92 year old mother, to his wife Karen whom he thanks in every victory speech to his beautiful daughters and particularly that little angel, Bella. He know Rick cherishes the same moral values which our nation was founded on, and we trust him to allow capitalism to work unfettered by cronyism and over-regulation.
Women support Rick, I am the Windham County coordinator for Santorum Connecticut, and most of my volunteers are women.
We know Rick values our work in the home and respects our desires for domestic peace and tranquility for our families. We trust him not to offend us by saying we need contraceptives for equal opportunity. His mother and wife are both professional women who bore children and worked outside the home. He respects our intelligence by not being condescending by assuming we are victims who need handouts, but merely a peaceful, prosperous nation in which to do what we do best.
Rick Santorum has confidence in women's abilities to flourish as their consciences are respected and our feminine genius praised.

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