Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mom's cancer no longer a reason to abort her baby

Those of you who know me know I follow Catholic ethics 100%. There is NEVER a reason to abort a baby, even if the pregnancy endangers a mother's life. In those cases, such as ectopic pregnancy,  surgery may be done to remove the uterus or Fallopian Tube, which secondarily causes the child's death, but if mom would have died,  the baby could not have survived in most cases anyway. But you don't intentionally kill the child.
Most people I debate on this subject do not understand this. For example, they say if a mother has cancer, she should automatically abort her child. New research, published in The Lancet and reprinted  by the Jerome Lejeune Foundation in Paris, has declared that cancer can be treated without killing mom or baby;
In recent years, in fact, the therapeutic strategies adopted when a cancer is diagnosed during pregnancy have evolved considerably. "Less than twenty years ago, the attitude most often proposed in this situation was to terminate the pregnancy to be able then to treat the cancer, considering that the administration of chemotherapy was inadvisable during pregnancy," explains Prof. Morice. However, the treatment of cervical, ovarian and breast cancers"increasingly involves preserving the pregnancy when this strategy does not impact on the prognosis of patients regarding their cancer."
Medical science is constantly coming up with life-saving techniques.
Now, why don't we take this same "love them both" mentality with babies diagnosed with Down syndrome?
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