Thursday, March 08, 2012

The truth about the Catholic vote

Excellent article on American Catholic from David Hartline,  which I hope the Democratic strategists never read.
The divide between the truth of the election results and the punditry of the mainstream media is seemingly growing every major primary election night. Perhaps none more than the recent Super Tuesday results, especially those of Ohio. How could it possibly be that Rick Santorum, the former Pennsylvania Senator won the youth vote, all voters under 44, and the married women vote? If one listens to the mainstream media, especially that of NBC, MSNBC and the New York Times one would think the only people voting for Rick Santorum would be rust belt pre-Vatican II ordained Catholic priests, and an amalgamation of southern characters such as Jed Clampett, Mr. Haney, as well as some assorted extras from the set of Deliverance.However, the true exit poll results tell us something quite different.
Hartline goes on to give an in-depth analysis of what is the Catholic vote, why it's not monolithic, and how it got that way. And how its changing for the better, thanks to the youth. He describes his youth as a pro-life Democrat, working for the presidential campaign of pro-life Jesse Jackson. You heard me right. Jackson was pro-life until he ran for president.
 At a pro-life pancake breakfast on Long Island, former friend of Rev Jackson and frequent guest on EWTN, Delores Bernadette Grier, told how Jesse who was himself nearly aborted as a baby, was a pro-life activist with the Archdiocese of New York,and  convinced her to become active in the pro-life movement. She said he was told he had to be pro-abortion in order to run for the presidency and gave in.
So many Catholics followed suit, in order to be accepted by the wider culture, and have the luxuries they craved, they used birth control and voted pro-abortion. They are the Cathoiics who voted for Obama and like,  Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, are cultural Catholics from the Coast.
They have no clue that there is a large, vibrant John Paul II generation just now coming of age to vote. Its been said that home-schoolers are Rick's secret army, and even here in Eastern CT we are organizing for him, and praying for him. Rick knows, I think he intentionally chose Steubenville, OH for his speech on Super Tuesday, since it is the home of JPII Catholic bastion, Franciscan University.  I bet he has a lot of support there.At the end of the month, I will be taking my daughter Gabbi for her interview and campus visit, and will investigate the Santorumentum in that school.

 John Kerry, another cultural Catholic found this out the hard way in 2004 during a campaign rally there. Catholic Evangelist Scott Hahn's son led half of t he student body to the rally carrying signs reading, "You can't be Catholic and Pro-abortion!".
I pray that such a surprise awaits our president on a November eve, when we deliver a win to President Rick Santorum.
Read the entire article here. 

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