Friday, March 16, 2012

Actor Eduardo Verastegui Endorsed Rick Santorum for President

Internationally acclaimed actor and film producer, Eduardo Verastegui today endorsed Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum.
"Senator Santorum is the man who understands the heart and needs of our families," says Verastegui, "he values life and faith and the freedom to protect those treasures. More than just valuing them, his career has been a record of fighting for these values. He understands that freedom is what allows each person the opportunity to live and work hard, to raise their family, to have a say in how their children are educated, to worship and live their faith according to their own conscience. Santorum has also been a courageous leader in the defense of human dignity, standing up for the most vulnerable in our society during his time in office and bearing witness to the sanctity of all human life through his family's personal testimony."

Verastegui has starred in television and movies--most recently the award-winning life-affirming film "Bella, and the soon-to-be-released "Little Boy" and "For Greater Glory".
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