Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Time for the Tea Party to win in Massachusetts

I was recently a guest on Jeanine Nottter's "Chattin' with Jeanine" radio talk show on in Nashua NH. She mentioned Scott Brown, the Republican candidate running for what John Kerry calls "Ted Kennedy's seat" in the Senate. This is the seat which will make or break the Obama agenda, beginning with health care, for it is the 60th vote in the Senate. Jeannine wanted me to encourage my readers in MA to support this solidly pro-life legislator in this notoriously left-wing state.
Massachusetts should know better than that. The birthplace of freedom, the former hotbed of activism against unfair taxation, the inventor of the original Tea Party, has succommed to the somulence that government knows best, just pay and obey and all will be well. Horsefeathers! Massachusetts should wake up and smell the gunpowder. This is political war.
Obama has dug a canyon of debt with nothing but higher rates of unemployment to show for it, while flashing his snake-oil salesman grin cajoling Nebraska's Ben Nelson to be the 60th vote on the dangerous healthcare legislation. One sixth of our economy in the hands of a man who has never worked outside of politics or academia, never run a business or been held accountable for his past record of votes, or shady associations. The most pro-abortion politician in the history of this nation, whose citizenship and loyalty to this nation are questioned, is NOT the man whom I want making my family's life or death decisions. Nor is his knee-jerk Congress. Polls have Obama at an abyssmal 46% approval rating and the health care bill scores only 36%. The American people have begun to look behind the curtain and have seen that the Wizard is fake, but they cannot undo their foolish decisions of last year's election until November.
Electing Scott Brown to block the Obamanation's destruction of our ecomony, our national security,  and our decency (have you seen his latest gender bender appointee?).
People of Massachusetts, you have been called to save this nation once again from a tyrant. A tyrant we  elected our of our well intentioned attitude of wanting to have our first African American president. Voting for Scott Brown would be a vote to save America before Obama and his fantatical appointees own 100% of this economy and we are virtually robbed of our veto power.
Read about him here.
Get involved, the election is on January 19. we only have a week to make sure he closes the narrow gap between him and leading liberal candidate Attorney General Martha Coakley, a Kennedy clone.
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Brown is a pro-choice candidate.