Sunday, January 03, 2010

72% of Americans against abortion funding in Obamacare

American voters mostly disapprove of the pro-abortion health care bill, by a 53-36 percent margin.
They also disapprove of pro-abortion President Barack Obama's handling of the health care issue by a similar 56-38 percent margin, the new survey showed
Yet no one in Congress is listening. They did what Obama insisted they do, often against their better judgement, and then they slunk back to their districts in the middle of Christmas season hoping they would not be faced by angry constituents. 72% that's an overwhelming number. But will we still care when the last ornament is packed away?
Let's make a New Years's Resolution, a gift to the Baby Jesus, to care about this. To keep having our voices heard in the public square, from now till their either listen or get voted out in November, a mere 9 months away.
Are you making plans to join us at the March for Life this month on the 22nd?

Read the entire story on Life News.
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