Monday, January 25, 2010

Mainstream media ignore the March for Life

Hardly  a news headline, is it, that the mainstream media studiously ignore the largest grassroots event in DC every year. We are used to it and trying to overcome it, by using the New Media.
Here's a lackluster article by the Washington Times. Notice the close ups, No one takes the panoramic shots of the huge crowd which were taken at the Inauguration where "even the birds were impressed by the crowd".
I was impressed by the crowd, because, unlike previous years, I never saw the end of it. It just kept coming, younger and stronger than before (at least the reporter noted that the crowd consisted of mostly collge kids, not what Newsday once said pejoritavely in the 70's, "middle-aged housewives with meatloaf sandwiches". This middle aged housewife had fresh sandwiches from the lovely spread put out by the National Right to Life Committee after a mini-conference with Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers and her son Cole. This photo is from her email describing her participation in the March for Life.
I'll share the photos we took later, for now,  go to Neil Sloan's collection of photos on Picassa.

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