Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of dis-union

From the jutting chin to the perpetual blaming of George Bush for the spending he voted for in his Senate career, Obama came off as an arrogant member of a gang, trying to stare down dissenters and even having the unmitigated gall to reprimand the Supreme Court in front of the entire nation. His arrogance was breaththaking. Good for Justice Samuel Alito who mouthed "not true" during his castigation. I might haved shouted it. He showed class under the most unimaginable of circumstances.
No change over the candidate whose mere presence was going to change the world. The world laughs, we are losing our seat as a superpower as Americans lose their jobs. One of the points which really stung is his affirmation that the quality of a child's education shouldn't be determined by her zip code. Since he denied funding for the voucher program helping DC students attend private schools, he is a big hypocrite. His daughters will never be forced to attend the horrific schools other black children in DC attend.
But the disasterous career of this president gets worse than granting te rrorists rights. He denies basic human rights to 1.5 million Americans each year.
Here is a pro-life state of the union on Life News.

 Most Americans are pro-life. Some 65 percent of us want to reduce abortions, not encourage, fund and force them. Why then is the state of our union a reflection of a pro-death mentality so contrary to our core beliefs?

Tragically, the only area where the President may have succeeded is taking the lives of more unborn children, both here an abroad. Over 50 percent of Americans disagree with this, so once again t he President is on the wrong side of the will of the people.
St Thomas Acquinas, angelic doctor, open our minds to the light of Christ.
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Very Powerful words! Thank You!