Thursday, January 21, 2010

THIS is why I supported Scott Brown

Some of my readers were questioning my reasons for supporting a candidate who was not truly pro-life. If Scott Brown were running for president, and the Republicans were still in the primary stage, I would not have supported him, just as I would not support John McCain at first. I was in the Brownback camp, then when he dropped out, I switched to Huckabee. Only after all options were out did I reluctantly support McCain, as the lesser of two evils. This is perfectly legitimate Catholic voting; vote for the candidate who would do the least amount of harm.
Scott Brown is not completely pro-life, yet he supports conscience rights for medical personnel, unlike Martha Coakley who told faithful Catholics to "not work in the Emergency Room". He is also opposed to Obamacare, as stated in Life Site News.
While Scott Brown is moderately pro-abortion, his victory was widely accepted by pro-life leaders as a victory for the right to life movement because of his promise to take down the health care bill, which would be the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade if passed into law. Brown has said he specifically opposes the Senate bill's federal abortion funding.

His election sounded the death knell of the radical kpre-abortion Obama agenda; health care, cap and trade, pork laden stimulus bills,the closing of GITMO, full legal rights for terrorists, takeover of American industries, and radical  department and judge appointees. Just putting a stop to Chicago politics, the politics of the radical left of Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright is a great good. Stopping the behemoth health care takeover would have been enough to earn my vote. As you recall, I travelled to Washingon to participate in Healthcare for Gunner an anti-Obamacare movement and spoke in their press conference on Capitol Hill.

Hopefully, now that he is elected the conservative base who elected Brown can educate him on life issues. The education starts tomorrow with the March for Life. I hope he'll be in town, becasue he's probably never seen a crowd like we're expecting this year.
Read the entire story on Life Site News.

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Chelsea said...

For the record, I never questioned your support - only your choice of words, calling him solidly pro-life when he is not.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as "moderate" support of abortion.

Gan Ainm said...

You did, indeed,make a perfectly legitimate Catholic choice. It was an historic one, seeing as it has permanently removed the right of Conservative/Republican/Libertarian partisan Catholics to accuse partisan Democratic Catholics of a lack of faith or worse when they do the same. Henceforth we need only utter two simple words to counter such tactics: "Scott Brown". Thank you.