Monday, April 28, 2008

Why Muslims convert to Christianity: it's up to us

" we Christians especially need to guard our emotions so we can be a good witness to Muslims—a caution raised by Dr. Dudley Woodberry, professor of Islamic Studies at Fuller.
Woodberry, aware that throughout the world Muslims have been turning to Christ, was curious about the reasons why—especially in countries where the cost of converting is so high.
To find the answer, he created a detailed questionnaire. Over a 16-year period, some 750 Muslims from 30 countries filled it out—and the results are eye-opening. The number one reason Muslim converts listed for their decision to follow Christ was the lifestyle of the Christians among them. "

“When Christ’s love transforms committed Christians into a loving community, many Muslims [identified] a desire to join such a fellowship.”
Woodberry’s research shows that when the Church is being the Church—witnessing to the love of Christ and of His transforming power—Muslims are drawn both to us and to Him.

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Chuch Colson, Breakpoint

This brings to mind what Mahatma Ghandi said about Christianity, he was intrigued by the teachings of Christ, but never saw it practiced. That's because he missed Mother Teresa. What a duo those two would have been! They could have converted the entire nation!
But that doesn't leave us with an excuse. We are the only Bible our Muslim neighbors might read. Do we "let our light shine before men"?

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