Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Marriage will bring world peace

A new analysis carried out by myself and Joshua Baker entitled Pope Benedict XVI on Marriage: A Compendium and published by the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy on the eve of Benedict's historic U.S. visit, finds that in less than three years of his pontificate, Pope Benedict XVI has spoken publicly about marriage on 111 occasions. His pronouncements connect marriage to such overarching themes as human rights, world peace, and the conversation between faith and reason.
Over and over again he has made it clear that the marriage and family debate is central -- not peripheral -- to understanding the human person, and defending our human dignity.

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That's why I was SO proud of my friend, Connell Friel, President of the Long Island Chapter of the American Family Association, who was on a News 12 debate on homosexual marriage. He was pitted against Lee Nissensohn and Daniel Pinello (seen here) who staged an event at Oyster Bay Town Hall where they went looking for a marriage license they knew they couldn't obtain, along with a few sign-carrying protesters and TV crews. They had the TV News station in their pocket, due to the biased questions asked by interviewer Lea Tyrell, and the fact that 3 out of 4 callers were pro-homosexual marriage. Nisselsohn quoted statistics saying that children are better off living with homosexual parents, and the interviewer didn't question the source of his statistics. Pinello, a professor at John Jay College in New York, tried to use that fact to stop discussion; his opinion was law, according to him.

Connell held his own in these difficult circumstances, and calmly quoted all the right statistics which prove that marriage was made for the procreation and raising of children, and this is THE best way to raise a child. He did well, considering the completely hostile environment which was slanted to make him look like a hate-monger.

I tried to email and call in, but my efforts were in vain. The agenda was set. News 12, like all other news outlets besides Fox News, has bought on to the gay agenda.


Anonymous said...

Marriage made only for the procreation of children? Why did I then, get married at the age of 46? Is my marriage somehow invalidated by the same arguments?

Leticia said...

I will be 46 next week, and more children are probably impossible for us. Thank God that He has taught us in the Catholic Church that, besides the procreative function of marriage, there is the UNITIVE function. Marital love brings unity between the spouses, and this is a reflection of the love between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
In your marriage, as well as mine, you reflect the love of God.