Wednesday, April 02, 2008

John Paul II We Love You

John Paul II, We Love You This is the Book Pick I wrote for the National Catholic Register. I'm not certain when it's coming out in the paper, so you'l have to look for it there.
In honor of the third anniversary of John Paul II's entrance into Eternal Life, I give this book my highest recommendation. If you want to relive those stirring days, this book will take you there.
I was teaching English to foreigners in a local college that morning of April 2, 2005, when my Polish students came into class with tear-streaked faces. I immediately knew where their hearts were; back in Polishtown in their parish church, St. Isidore's where the Polish community was holding a prayer vigil. "Go," I told my Polish students,"and pray for me, I wish I could be with you". They ran out, faces shining, and, after class, I ran home and spent the rest of the day in front of the TV, rosary in hand, tears streaming down my face.

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