Sunday, April 06, 2008

Some thoughts on the Republican presidential candidate

John McCain was my last choice ahead of Rudy Guilani for the Republican nominee for president. In an ideal world, Alan Keyes would be my first choice. Attorney John Jakubczyk, head of Arizona Right to Life, explains better than I could, why he's not.

South Dakota ran a "pure" human life amendment last time and lost.
Why? Well maybe because not enough people supported their efforts. WE at AZRTL were on record in support of their work and I helped various people along the way. I also scolded those who were afraid to support it including NRLC personnel.
But the fact is, it did not pass.
So now the folks in South Dakota have put forward a less than perfect bill. But if it passes, it will set up the challenge to the whole question before the Supreme Court. But it has to pass first.

Unlike the comments of those well meaning but not very realistic folks, it is not wrong to support incremental legislation so long as the ultimate goal is to stop all of the killing. If I can stop some killing with parental consent legislation, I can support it. If the SD bill will stop most of the killing, one can support it SO LONG AS you don't stop..

So calling Fr. Pavone to task is just plain wrong. This guy does a whole lot every day to save the children, the mothers, the fathers, those who have fallen away from the Church. It is neither courageous nor charitable to attack a friend of the unborn who has made it his life's work to see an end to abortion.

As for supporting Alan Keyes, get real. The dear fellow could not win against Obama in Illinois. He was trounced and his campaign was a failure. Dr. Keyes may have a prophet's voice and he may be very articulate and I think that he has an important role to play in the movement, but let us be serious. If Dr. Keyes found a good seat to run for congress, and then won, then he could use his position as a congressman to be a voice for the unborn. But after a few runs at the presidency, losing in Illinois, he is just not a credible candidate. And if he was really serious, why did he not start, three years ago to gain the support and the financial backing a run for the White House would require.

John McCain will be the candidate for president for the Republican Party. He has a 25 year pro-life voting record. He has three bad votes (2 of which dealt with ESCR funding). Ironically that issue is becoming yesterday's news with the progress of adult stem cell research. The actual research that was the subject of those bills is already antiquated.

He has pledged to appoint pro life judges. He will put pro-lifers in the administration. He will make sure that we do not get socialized medicine from the Democrats (Democrats want to include abortion paid for by the taxpayers).

So everyone gets to decide. Do you want Obama the socialist pro-abortionist friend of Hugo Chavez or an imperfect Viet Nam vet who spent 51?2 years in the Hanoi Hilton, with a 25 year pro-life voting record who has the uncanny ability to get hard core conservatives madder than hell ( because of all the aggravating things he doers).

That is your choice.
unless you sit it out - and then your vote is for the abortionist.


I hope Dr. Keyes will be appointed to a cabinet post so that he can use his massive intellect and oratorical skills in the service of his country, but he has sadly proven himself unelectable. He can't even keep a TV talk show because of his firebrand nature. When his MSNBC was slated to move from evening to the afternoon to make way for Phil Dononuhue, he walked. Donohue flopped, and if Keyes had held on, he'd probably still be on, telling the truth to America. As crazy as our opponents make us, we must deal with them civilly or we will get nowhere. This is a lesson I'm still learning, as I have the same chloreric nature as Dr. Keyes. Until I do, I'll stick to blogging and avoid public debates.

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