Friday, April 04, 2008

Where Global Warming is heading

Mark Levin alerted me to this Global Warming zealotry on his show today. Dr. Walters wants to tax families who have more than two children. It's Planned Barrenhood marries Albore. The perfect excuse to keep the population of us breeders down, so only worthy people, who can afford carbon credits can reproduce. You've been warned that this is coming, so don't be surprised when it is actually imposed on us.
Oh Brave New World with such people in it!
With the ongoing talks on the effects of climate change to the world, an Australian doctor proposed to charge couples exceeding two children with lifelong climate change tax. This is a way of having sustainable funds in the fight against accumulating greenhouse gas caused by human activities.
Such proposal had been published in the Medical Journal of Australia seeking parents to pay AU$5,000 (US$4,400) per additional child and AU$800 every succeeding year. Professor Barry Walters at the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth said using contraceptives and procedures to stop conception would be helpful to gain carbon credits.


Mateo said...

Unbelievable. Thanks for the information. It's scary how quickly the lunatic fringe becomes mainstream these days. I fear that global warming is just the tip of the iceberg.

Chris said...

just curious...can you explain why you show a photo of a transracial adoptive family with the title "Where Global Warming is heading" I see it was from the original story, but I'm just not sure how the photo relates to global warming or any of the rest of it. ??? thanks!

Leticia said...

First of all, Chris, having a bi-racial (Hispanic-Caucasian) family myself I find this family beautiful, second, they would be out of conformity with the new reguslations, and be fined for being over the two child limit. The photo was on the original article I linked to.

Chris said...

whew! thank you for the clarification!!
That was what I hoped you were getting at by using the photo.
I was afraid they meant something more along the lines of "people would have to resort to transracial adoption/families so as not to add to the climate problem"!
great blog by the way- I just came upon it today. :)